A better way to do deposits.

Looking to expand or relocate? Deposits are a burden on tenants and a hassle for landlords. They are completely outdated. We have replaced them with a better solution.

How it works

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Deposits can be sky high. We are an insurance solution to replace them.
Pay about 4% of the deposit annually.
A clear and simple pricing plan for the entire tenancy. Don't lock up your cash.
We pay the landlords if anything happens.
What would normally claimed from the deposit is instead covered by us. We offer a fair pay-back plan for the tenants.


As rents have soared the past decade, deposits have become a financial burden for those seeking rental space.
Never pay a deposit
Have cash to invest in what matters for you

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Our solution offers better protection while ensuring a better experience for your tenants.
Protection from damages
Protection from unpaid rents

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Our pricing model is very simple. Pay 4% of the deposit amount every year.

Deposit Amount:



12 000 SEK / Year

Use that cash elsewhere. It is the equivalent of:

10 000 Coffee breaks

2 300 Meals at a restaurant

50 International flights


Let us know if you are interested or want to know more. Start the process of leasing with by ebie the quickest way possible.
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